Mother Blessings

Pregnant Woman in Nature

A Mother Blessing is a beautiful ceremony which celebrates a pregnancy and the transition into motherhood. Amongst her closest friends the soon to be mother is held within a very deep love, where words of advice and support are offered in the lead up to birth and postpartum. The gathering often includes a very intimate ceremony, very personal and gentle, and can incorporate whatever rituals hold meaning for the individual.

Triple Moon Ceremonies


Growth of the Goddess ceremonies are dedicated to the natural phases of the female life. The Maiden, Mother and Crone are three women lived in one being as each transition carries us further into our years and deeper into our knowing, accepting our beauty and understanding our power.


We can sensitively and gently honour your daughter's coming of age as she begins her menstrual cycle. The Mother Blessings mentioned above holds the hand of the maiden as she moves towards birth of a baby and a new self. And lastly the honouring of the menopause, when woman merges into the grace of Crone.

Together we can hold space as a new phase welcomes you, validating the difficulties and celebrating the privilege.


The wheel of the year is made up of eight seasonal and  annual festivals celebrated by pagans. They consist of the year's chief solar events and the four mid-points between them, the solstices and equinoxes.

Observing this cycle of the natural world has been important to both ancient and modern pagans for years upon years and the ceremonies I offer take place online through my facebook group 'Women of Elska'. This is a community of like-minded, kind and thoughtful women who seek to encourage, listen to and show compassion to those within our group.

If you'd like to take part please join us here:

Women of Elska

Sabbat Ceremony